Facility 3.02B (chapter 1)


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Prologue / Prologue


“So, Lieutenant, how do you feel?” Riker asked as they stepped up on the platform.

“Good”, Lieutenant Kate Bloom answered. “It’s better to go hands-on on your first day then linger around in the background.”

Riker grinned.

“Sounds like you and I will have a lot of fun together”, he said, then nodded at O’Brien by the controls. “Energize.”

The blue light surrounded them for a few moments before they found themselves standing in a dark storage-room. Data immediately picked out his scanner.

“We are inside the factory, Commander”, he said. “I am able to read the signs of multiple life-forms moving around us.”

“Are you able to see if anyone’s kept in some sort of prison?” Riker asked.

“Negative, Commander”, Data answered. “I can only guess that those life-forms that are remaining in one point might be held captive.”

“Alright, let’s aim for those”, Riker decided after checking the readings the android was talking about. “Lieutenant Bloom, you’re with me. Data, Worf, you head to the laboratory and shut it down. Phasers kept on maximum stun.”

“Aye, Commander”, Worf said with a nod. He and the android made for the door, leaving the two others to hide behind a number of barrels. They could hear turmoil rising outside when their two companions were discovered.

“Now”, Riker mouthed and darted out. Kate followed instantly, following him out through the door and through the corridor leading right. On either side of them they soon encountered thick doors, all of them marked with a number and a small window.

“One-way glass”, Kate said after running a quick scan on it. “It looks like one of those old isolation-chambers on Earth; all padded and secure, except for those ropes hanging from the wall.”


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