Cold Heart ch.46: Past Winters and Future Falls

hpouat2 coldheart

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“So let me get this straight…”

Wolfgang looked up from his coffee, which, by the way, was his third cup this morning due to not getting more than three hours of sleep the previous night. Hook had not been answering his phone, but nevertheless Wolfgang had looked for him in all the places he frequented; the docks, mainly, The Rabbit Hole, the area around Granny’s. No result. And since he did not know of any spells that could help him track the man down – he definitely had to mention this to the others so that they could invent one – magic was unusable. By half past three in the morning he had been about to head back to the Mansions, but a run-in with Ruby (whose wolfish traits kept her out of bed) meant that he was convinced to stay the night at Granny’s Bed and Breakfast.

So that’s how he found himself having breakfast at Granny’s Diner at half past eight in the morning, after having been woken up by a call from some of his friends an hour earlier and, once they met up, been told to tell them what he had found. Which was not a lot. Indira had a whole lot more to tell about what she, Filipi and Danielle had been up to, which was what had led to Wolfgang being in the state he was in, but her story allowed him a lot of time to eat breakfast and try to get some energy back through coffee. So far he was not successful.

“Hook’s got his hand back, but with it comes some extreme anger issues”, Toby said opposite him. He was the one who had spoken before as well and he looked like he was deep in thought. A good thing; perhaps he would be able to make some sense out of this weird night.

“He attacks Will Scarlet”, Toby continued, “who’s broken into the library and stolen an Alice in Wonderland-book and ripped a picture of the Red Queen from it. Hook then runs off and is not seen for the rest of the night, while Scarlet is locked up at the Sheriff’s station.”



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