Cold Heart ch.45: Tracks in the Snow

hpouat2 coldheart

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Eighteen minutes after hanging up the phone, Indira parked outside of Granny’s Diner. As usual on a Friday night the place was crowded and through the windows she was able to spot all of the seven dwarves at the bar and both Ruby and Ashley flitting between the tables, delivering drinks and food. Just as she closed the door on the red Audi she had been driving she saw Filipi and Danielle approach from a side street.

“Alright”, Filipi said, “where do you suggest we begin searching?”

“Well, I’d suggest starting off in the area around Tapenade Bistro”, Indira replied. “We don’t know much about Scarlet’s habits and what places he frequents, so we’ll have to try and track him.”

“Good idea, Deputy”, Filipi said with a grin. Indira groaned slightly.

“Not a Deputy.”

She then lead the way towards the restaurant in question, romantically placed near the park with a view of the pond.

“He’ll probably have wanted to get as far away from here as quickly as possible, in case Emma decided to chase after him”, Indira pondered and looked around. “Question is where? He’s not welcome in the forest as long as the Merry Men are out there, that’s for sure, and I know Emma’s been asking Ruby to keep an eye out for him if he pops in at Granny’s.”

     “I’m guessing that excludes the B&B as well”, Danielle said. “What about a bar? There is one in town, isn’t there?”


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