Cold Heart ch.44: Frozen Castle

hpouat2 coldheart

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“So, what are these things for?”

Filipi looked up from her worktable, set up in the library of the Turtle Mansion. In the door leading in from the hallway stood her apprentice, Danielle, her long dark-brown hair tied back in a braid.

“What things?” Filipi asked in return. Her worktable was cluttered with objects, as was the library in general. There was a kind of order in the mess that existed in the room, but compared to, for example, the library at the Dragon Mansion the black and silver room was a disaster. And for some reason, no matter how many times the group living there pulled together to try and clean it up, it never stayed that way for more than a couple of hours. Wolfgang had joked that there might be a spell on the room that ensured its messiness.

“The containers on your table”, Danielle replied to the question and walked forward. “They weren’t there during our lesson.”

“That’s because they’re not lesson material.”

“So they’re anti-freezing-spell-material”, Danielle clarified.

“I guess you could call it that”, Filipi replied with a small smile. The brunette had, by then, reached the table and picked up one of the containers.

“Dragon scale? Really?”


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