Series review: Historical (Day, Sylvia)



Series name: Historical
Author: Sylvia Day
Number of books: 4 (Seven Years to SinThe Stranger I MarriedPride and PleasureScandalous Liaisons)
Started: June 2015
Finished: July 2015
Average rating: 3.75

Favorite book: Pride and Pleasure (book 3)
Favorite character: Charlotte (book 4), Alistair Caulfield (book 1), Eliza Martin (book 3), Jasper Bond (book 3)
Favorite ship: Jasper/Eliza, Hugh/Charlotte, Lucien/Julienne
Favorite quote: “Socializing with others is more exhausting than refreshing. I have to consider everything I want to say, and then filter it through my mind before I speak so what emerges from my mouth doesn’t offend with its bluntness.” (Eliza Martin, book #3)


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