Scandalous Liaisons (Historical #4)



Started: July 7, 2015
Finished: July 11, 2015

Language: English
Rating: 4/5 stars

Since this book consisted of three separate but slightly intertwining stories, I’m going to review those separately

Stolen Pleasures, rated 3/5
Despite the fact that the idea of being kidnapped by a roguishly handsome pirate in the Caribbean sounds really hot, I found that I did not, at all, like the female lead – Olivia. Rating is only thanks to the parts told from the POV of Sebastian Blake/Captain Phoenix, whom I really enjoyed.

Lucien’s Gamble, rated 4/5
Lucien Remington has shown up in every single one of the books, or at least his establishment has, so I was very eager to meet him. I was definitely not disappointed and I liked Julienne, the female lead of this story, a lot. I think she reminded me a lot of myself.

Her Mad Grace, rated 4/5
Definitely my favorite of the three stories and also the one that brought them all together, with the only main character from the previous stories not to show up in person was Olivia (thank God). Main characters Hugh (Julienne’s brother) and Charlotte were amazing and FINALLY A STORY THAT ISN’T ABOUT A DARK-HAIRED MAN AND A BLONDE WOMAN!!

So, in total, that makes the average rating of this book 3.7, which I’ve rounded up to a 4. Not the last Sylvia Day book I’m planning to read, but it is the last in this series, which I now find rather unfortunate because I liked the time it was set in.

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