Resurrection ch.3

merlin resurrection

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Chapter 1


Merlin’s eyes snapped open as he felt the magic wards he had placed out around their camp being breached. Whoever it was should still not be able to see them – he had placed out the wards as a warning system – but soon he would come within reach of the invisibility spell. And when he did Merlin feared he would have no choice but to kill him, no matter who it was. No one could know where they were, even if they vowed not to tell. The Knights of the Triple Goddess had ways to get such information out of anyone.

Steps passed the outer rim of the invisibility spell, heading down to the stream. In the faint light of the moon Merlin could see the shape of a man, probably around his own height but with wider shoulders. The man knelt down by the stream and cupped his hands in it, lifting handfuls of water to his mouth and drinking it down greedily. He sat so that his face was obscured from the light of the moon, but Merlin could still see that he was worn and tired. A man who had been fleeing from something.

Kaylee stirred slightly against his chest, one of her hands clutching at his shirt. The arm he still kept around her tightened. He did not want to kill an innocent man, but if her life was on the line he would burn down entire cities. It scared him that his feelings were so intense and he knew they scared her as well.

The man by the stream sat back with a groan, a small backpack landing on the ground. Immediately Merlin could hear Elyan rise from his seat and walk forward. He must have been awake before as well, but now that the man seemed to have decided to stay nearby Elyan had decided that enough was enough.



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