Cold Heart ch.42: Wintertime

hpouat2 coldheart

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     “So, who the hell was that, exactly?” Wolfgang asked.

“Her name’s Sarah Fischer”, David replied. “She’s been running the ice cream shop next to Granny’s since the days of the old curse.”

“And no one’s known that she’s the Snow Queen?” Indira asked, crossing her arms over her chest. “Didn’t you guys realize who everyone was when the first Dark Curse broke and you all regained your memories?”

“I’m guessing no one thought about going around and register every fairytale character that had been here”, David sourly said, then looked up as Emma appeared beyond the trees. His daughter did not look happy.

“No tracks”, she said. “Not a single patch of ice or stray snowflake or whatever she might leave behind.”

The blonde ran her fingers through her hair and paced in front of the rest of them, displaying all signs of stress that one could possibly display.

“What is it?” David asked. “Is it what Regina said before? Look, we’re going to find her. Don’t…”

“It’s not that”, Emma replied, “it’s this… Snow Queen. It’s like she didn’t just know Elsa but me as well.”

“Well, you are the Sheriff”, Brandon pointed out.

“And the Saviour”, Josh filled in.

“And royalty”, David finished. “I think pretty much everyone in Storybrooke knows who you are.”



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