A Court of Thorns and Roses (ACOTAR #1)



Started: May 7, 2015
Finished: May 9, 2015

Language: English
Rating: 5/5

Sarah J Maas, you did it again; you made me want to stay up all night reading a book while also not wanting to do that because that would mean it would end sooner. If I could give it more stars I would!

I wasn’t too sure about this book at first because I really did not get a grip on the main character, Feyre, while reading the excerpt. And usually that might have put me off from reading the rest of the book but after reading Throne of Glass and its sequels I had faith in Maas’ capability of creating interesting characters. So I kept going – and I was definitely not disappointed! Such rich characters, such a beautifully created world and history, such intrigue – and when I made the connection to Beauty & the Beast I was so close to screaming with joy because even though I love the Disney retelling of this fairytale I love the original version even more, and this was definitely more aligned with that 🙂

Now that we got that review out of the way, let me do something that I rarely do while writing these things – which is fangirl about the characters and the ships 😉 Because I do feel like I need to do that if I am to be able to wait until next year before I can sit down with a smile and read the sequel.

*grabby hands*
*also grabby hands, though one might slap him*
*narrows eyes* I’m watching you
I’m so sorry for hating you at first! I love you!

Also while reading about Nesta and the glamour not working on her and that whole thing I suddenly desperately wanted to pair her up with Lucian…

And finally; the ending made me first go WOOOOHOOOO, HAPPY ENDING! but then I remembered what had happened in the second Throne of Glass book and I just sort of went…. crap


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