Cold Heart ch.40: Follow the Snowflakes

hpouat2 coldheart

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     “Have you found anything?” Regina asked as she walked into the conference room opposite her old office. The book from Arendelle was placed on the table and Rachel and the blonde Norwegian apprentice, Victor, took turns writing down translations of the runic scripture while Catriona, Sarah and Henry looked for other clues. There were sheets displaying the Latin alphabet equivalent of each rune spread out around the book to give this trio a chance to understand some of what was happening, perhaps even to teach them the runes, but since they did not know the language they were written in the knowledge was so far useless to them.

“Nothing yet”, Rachel replied with a sigh, rubbing her face with both hands. “All the sections in old English only tell the history of the land and, in many cases, they seem to be a translation or an abbreviated version of what’s written in runes. In some cases they tell of other things, but there does not seem to be a clear structure of the book, so we can’t tell where we might find some.”

“Which forces us to look at all the runic texts and see if they might be something of value”, Victor continued, his head bent over the text he was currently translating.

“How’s Marian doing?” Catriona asked.



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