Cold Heart ch.38: Icy Blast

hpouat2 coldheart

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     Catriona had seated herself in the dining room at the Dragon Mansion with her lunch. A salad was all she had had the strength to prepare today; she was definitely not used to getting up that early in the morning and teach Arithmancy. Not that she did not like it; quite the opposite, really. The lesson she had had with Amber that morning had been really interesting. They had seated themselves in the mansion’s library and gone through Catriona’s plan for what they would do throughout Amber’s apprenticeship. Since they did not know how long it would all take they had decided to do things at the speed that they seemed to require, building up knowledge and capability as they went. That was what Catriona was planning to do with all of those who would study Arithmancy with her, but since Amber had the most prominent talent for the subject it was even more important that she was aware of what was going on and how things were structured. They had been so engrossed in their discussion of numerology, their first topic, that they had not realized that it was time for lunch until the large clock in the library chimed, signalling that it was noon and that they had extended their lesson by thirty minutes. Amber had hurriedly prepared some lunch for herself and packed it in a bag since she had her next lesson in the afternoon, with Maryse over at the Tiger Mansion. Their other housemates were, at the time, nowhere to be seen. Rachel had left in the morning, heading into town and had probably stayed there for lunch. Sam had been avoiding her through the weekend so he was probably away as well. Miranda and Tessa both had their second lessons in the afternoon so they were probably preparing for those. Vera was away, probably at the Phoenix Mansion since her afternoon lesson was located there, with Chris.

That left Sarah, Miranda’s apprentice. She had had a morning lesson over at the Turtle Mansion with Toby and had not returned yet. Thus after Amber left, Catriona felt like she was all alone in the big house. Perhaps she was; Sam was the only one she thought might be there still, but he did not make himself known.



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