Cold Heart ch.37: Where the Snow Falls

hpouat2 coldheart

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     “I’m sorry to disappoint you, but I’ve never seen her before in my life.”

Emma placed her hands on her hips as she tried to discern if Gold was lying or not. She might not like to admit it, but he was one of the few her old superpower did not seem to be working on.

“So how did she end up inside your urn, inside your secret vault of terror?” she questioned.

“Look”, Gold sighed, “if you really want to know how she wound up there she’s standing right beside you, miss Swan.”

This was, of course, true. After failing to take down the wall, on multiple occasions, throughout the weekend Emma, Elsa and Killian had resolved to visiting Gold and talk to him about all of this. He was, after all, the one who had been in possession of the urn that had brought Elsa to this land, by accident. Emma remembered Killian taking it out of a cupboard back in Rumplestiltskin’s castle, but she had not realized that it had been pulled through the time portal with them and Marian until Elsa told her that that was where she had emerged from.

“She’s already asked me”, Elsa now said, “but I can’t remember. Something happened to my memories.”

Gold raised an eyebrow at her.

“An all too common affliction in these parts”, he said. “Pity. But as you can see…”



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