Cold Heart ch.36: Ice Cream

hpouat2 coldheart

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     Monday morning came around much faster than those with morning lessons would have liked, but only three inhabitants at the Tiger Mansion were among these people so the house remained reasonably quiet early in the morning. Jade had planned on staying in bed until about noon, then have breakfast/lunch and then head outside to host her first lesson with June at 1pm. However that was not to be the case as just before nine her phone went off. Disoriented she sat up in her bed and blinked at the pale golden walls around her until she figured out what was making that annoying sound, at which point she sunk back against the pillows with a groan and picked up the still ringing phone.

“Hello?” she groggily said after pressing the answering button.

“Did I wake you up, young one?” a familiarly accented voice asked her. In an instant she was wide awake and tried to get out of bed, but managed to get herself tangled up in the covers and fell down onto the floor with a grunt.

“Jade? Jade, are you alright?”

“Since when do you use a phone?” Jade asked in return while massaging her hip, which she had managed to land on.

“I figured I should try it, seeing that they do seem very handy in this land”, the man replied. “Rowan gave me your number; I ran into him at the grocery store yesterday.”

“Wow, you go shopping at the store as well?” Jade asked. “Sounds like you’ve completely abandoned the way of the outlaws. Are you learning to drive, too?”



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