Cold Heart ch.35: White Tiger Mansion

hpouat2 coldheart

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     They ordered sandwiches and take-away cups of coffee, tea and hot chocolate from Ruby and Granny the next morning before packing their bags into the cars once again and drove off towards the four houses that would become their home for the next… well, who knew how long they would be here? Could be weeks, months or years. The point was that there were four mansions waiting for them on the outskirts of the small town, both resembling the four houses of Hogwarts and the four benevolent animals in Chinese mythology, which Rachel had given them a quick description of earlier that week. She was guiding the rest of their caravan towards the mansion closest to the town, nicknamed the Tiger Mansion. The plan was to gather there and go through where people would stay and where the various classes would be held. As this mansion also had a large, square sand paddock on its grounds it was also the ideal place for group trainings where all thirty-two members of their squad were involved. Which was what would happen today as well.

The mansion itself was large and built out of sandy-brown bricks with a copper-red roof. There were an uncountable number of windows but no light was visible through any of them and outside on the grounds, except for the large paddock, were empty stables and multiple pavilions of a style that reminded people of the orient.

“Good morning”, Toby said from the veranda, even though he had said those same words before they left the B&B. The apprentices, standing below the veranda, still replied.

“Before we go ahead and inspect our new homes we’re going to do some training”, Toby continued. “If you look towards the paddock and the grounds surrounding it…”


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