Story Excerpt: Untitled DW/Deverry fic


Read full excerpt here!


Spring had finally arrived and some the students were singing on their way to the cafeteria, which lay about some way away from the school campus itself. After the longest and most dreadful winter most of them had ever experienced, it was good to feel the rays of the sun touch your face.

“What have we got left of this term?” Sophie asked. Amanda pulled out her calendar and looked through the remaining weeks.

“No tests, I think, but a couple of projects to hand in and presentations to give.”

Leila sighed.

“Can’t they just let us have fun?” she muttered. Sophie nodded in agreement.

“Look, I’m sure that we will do fine, all of us”, Amanda assured them.

“Did you see that?”

The three girls turned towards their fourth group-member. Jess was looking towards the school in front of them, leaning slightly to her left as if to see something on the small patio located on the back.

“What?” Sophie asked, trying to see what Jess was talking about.

“There’s nothing blue on the patio, is there?” Jess asked them, frowning.



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