Story Excerpt: The Lion, the Witch & the Daemons


Read full excerpt here!


     “Edmund, please, let’s get away from here.”

The dark-haired boy sighed and looked at Lissandia. His dæmon was fluttering around him as a small bird, her grey eyes piercing him with fear. He looked away, determent to not show the Germans any fear.

“Come on, Lis”, he said. “They won’t hit us, we’re too far away from where they will aim their attacks.”

“How do you know that?” Lissandia muttered and changed into a lemur. Edmund had never liked that shape much; she looked like a ghost, and even though he loved his dæmon very much and would never ever blame her for taking whatever shape she wanted in the end, he truly hoped that it wouldn’t be a lemur. He shivered slightly.

“They will probably be aiming at the Magisterium and those places”, he said as an answer to her question. “We are extremely far from anything that they would wish to destroy.”

As a proof to that he was right, a bolt of anbaric light shot down from the sky and hit right next to the Magisterium.

“Look!” he exclaimed, excited. He didn’t really feel any compassion to the humans down in the centre, from his point of view this was an amazing show.


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