Story Excerpt: Facility 3.02B


Read full excerpt here!


     Obi-Wan woke when he felt something tighten around his arms. As he shook himself awake he noticed that those things were what seemed to be straps of white linen, bound around both his wrists and ankles and attached to the wall behind him. After a few thugs, though, he decided that it was not linen but something much stronger.

“Good morning.”

The voice came from a speaker close to the door, which was barely noticeable in the dim room.

“Where am I?” Obi-Wan demanded to know.

“At Facility 3.02B”, the voice answered. “You were brought in yesterday and passed the tests we ran on you, which put you in this room.”

“What sort of tests?” Obi-Wan asked, as he could not remember any such thing.

“Diagnosing your blood. We found a good amount of midi-chlorians in you and an even bigger amount in your companion.”

Anakin! Obi-Wan realized he had been so disoriented that he had not even considered where his friend might be.

“Where is he?” he asked and rose. “What have you done with him?”

He held out his hand towards the door in an effort to pull it open with the Force, but instead felt a jolt of pain run through his arm. He gasped and sank back down onto the ground, unable to stand. The ropes on his wrists were glowing.



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