Story Excerpt: Untitled Multi Crossover


Read full excerpt here!


”Lily, get down from that tree right now!”

“Oh come on, Kiara!” the brunette high above called back. “What’s the adventure in life if you do not take chances?”

“Look, I just have a bad feeling about today”, Kiara answered. “Let’s get back to school and just…”

There was a scream from the school-building a couple of meters ahead. Lily jumped down from the tree and ran alongside her friend along the road.

“What did I tell you?” Kiara said as she yanked the doors open and ran up the stairs.

“Just a coincidence… hey, why did you stop?”

Her friend had stopped in the doorway that led to the big gathering-area, staring at something inside the big room.

“Get it away from me!” one of the teachers screamed. Lily managed to push her way past Kiara and stared at the woman, screaming and waving at something impossible.

“Anne, there’s nothing there”, the history-teacher tried, but Anne the science-teacher just continued.

“It hurts! Get it away from me!”



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