Story Excerpt: Untitled HP fic


Read full excerpt here!


A howl echoed through the night and her eyes opened at once. Wolves rarely got this close to the house, but this one sounded like it was already at the window.

She was about to turn over when the window exploded into a million pieces as a lean body leapt through it. Seeing the creature standing on her floor, seemingly unharmed, made her freeze in bed. There were some traits that reassembled a wolf, others that were more human. To be honest, she had read enough fiction to know exactly what this was.

The creature wasted no time; it jumped straight up into her bed, landing on top of her and pinning her arms down. Her heartbeat quickened and her mouth went instantly dry as she stared up into that face with those amber-colored eyes gazing back at her. Any moment now that head would dip down and bite her and she would forever be changed. Drawing a ragged breath, she closed her eyes and waited.

For some reason, the bite never came and she squinted, looking up at the creature through her eyelashes. It was standing above her like before, but instead of looking threatening it now looked scared. Of himself. She frowned and turned her head slightly to be able to gaze at it more directly, but it leapt away, landing on the floor with a heavy thud as it let out a low keen of sadness.



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