Story Excerpt: The Commander 2


Read full excerpt here!


”Mr Data, report!”

Captain Jean-Luc Picard rose from the cold stone covering the side-street they were on and looked in the direction of the android. Data had already taken the tricorder from his belt and was scanning the area.

“It appears to be a place similar to early 21st century Earth”, he said after a while.

“Appears?” Picard said with a frown.

“Yes, Captain”, Data answered. “I could also say that it is very similar to the 21st century, but I do not, however, detect high levels of toxins that threatened Earth at that time. The levels I read are minor.”

“Explain”, Picard ordered. Data put the tricorder back in his belt as he turned around to face the Captain.

“It is possible, Sir, that we are on Earth but in an alternate timeline. Or we are not on Earth, but a planet very similar to it. Or, in theory, we might also be stranded in a parallel universe and thus on a parallel Earth.”

Before Jean-Luc was able to answer, Doctor Beverly Crusher’s voice cut through the darkness behind him.




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