Story Excerpt: Dani Thomas


Read full excerpt here!


”Dani Thomas, you’ve been found guilty of all charges and will be sent in exile to Verdon X.”

There was a loud bang when the judge hit his desk with the gavel and then it all went black.

Dani sat up in the cell. She was shaking; yesterday’s trial had been hard. It wouldn’t make things easier for the people who thought like her.

“Miss Thomas.”

The guard looked grimly at her, her blue eyes pierced him with hate.

“The chief of Security onboard the USS Enterprise is here to escort you to the ship”, the guard continued, hardly noticing her feelings. Dani cracked her neck and rose. A klingon stepped up outside the door and grabbed her arm as soon as she was within reach. She hardly noticed the pain.

“Be careful, she’s very dangerous”, the guard said. The klingon grunted, before he led Dani out from the prison.

Outside, people had gathered to see Dani Thomas, in their eyes either a hero or a criminal, for the last time. No one said anything; they just looked at her in silence until the blue light from the transporter surrounded her and took her away from the only world she had ever known.



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