One-Shot/Drabble: The Gift of Christmas


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     ”Senator Amidala.”

The guard bowed deeply, though she barely noticed it. She just nodded briefly at him before hurrying inside, almost running up the stairs of the house and opening the door to the bedroom. Not her bedroom, but his. The Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi. He was still so pale, she thought. Briefly she feared he would die, or that he was already dead, but she then her heartbeat slowed down wen she saw that he was breathing.

It had been two days ago now. Obi-Wan had showed up unexpected on her doorstep and she’d asked him to stay over the Holidays. After a while he’d obeyed, saying that in the Temple he’d never celebrated a real Christmas before.

Senator Padmé Amidala had then made a full schedule for what they would do during the few days left before Christmas. Except for playing in the snow, she’d also planned on taking Obi-Wan on a tour and buy Christmas-presents, and bake lots of cookies and make food for the big Christmas Party that would be held with the rest of Padmé’s family on Christmas Eve.

The day after his arrival (that’d be yesterday) Padmé had planned that they’d take a tour to the Naboo Lakes and go ice-skating, something Obi-Wan had never done before.

“I’ve been gliding on the ice, but not on these things”, he’d said as she’d helped him with the skates. He’d been fairly skeptical to the thin metal that he’d have to balance on, though she’d assured him that it wasn’t that hard, especially for someone as capable as him with the Force.

But obviously she’d been wrong; after just a few minutes Obi-Wan had fallen and hit his head. And since then he’d been stationed in the bed, unconscious.



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