One-Shot/Drabble: Strength, Truth and Happy Endings


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He had met very few women in his life that held the same kind of power that the former Queen of Naboo, Padmé Amidala, held inside her petite body. She was headstrong, independent, confident and unable to leave an argument unsettled, but he had also found that she was kind, caring, had a beautiful smile and was, above all, the most beautiful woman he had ever met, during any of his travels.

To stand in her presence again, ten years after their last meeting, made him slightly dizzy, something that he tried not to think about since he knew Anakin was head over heels in love with the woman in front of them. He was supposed to be the responsible one, the true Jedi, the one who set an example of how one of such a ranking should act. That was something that he often found easier said than done when it came to Padmé Amidala.

“Master Kenobi?”

His head snapped back up. Once again he had gotten lost in his thoughts. Luckily for him, Anakin was not around as he was patrolling the lower levels of the Senators’ apartment-complex.

“I’m sorry, Senator, I was merely thinking about who might be behind these attacks”, he said. Padmé smiled at him and placed her notepad back on her desk.

“Am I to be worried that you got lost in your thoughts so easy?” she asked. He fought back a blush.

“Of course not.”



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