One-Shot/Drabble: Luke’s Letter


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”Father? How are you feeling?”

Luke Skywalker, now at the age of sixty-two, looked up at his son. Ben was standing in the door of their home. Their current home, to tell the truth, as they had a long journey ahead of them. Luke managed to smile at him after a few moments of silence.

“I am just fine”, he said. Ben did not move.

“I know that you are not, father. You can not hide that for me.”

Luke looked away and focused on the small piece of equipment that he had been working on earlier, before he had been lost in thought.

“It’s mom, isn’t it?” Ben said silently. “You want her here as well.”

“Of course I do”, Luke said shortly.

“Father, why don’t you try and contact her?” Ben asked. “I mean, your father came back after his death, did he not? And Master Kenobi and Master Yoda as well, am I right? Why not my mother?”

“You can not just call on someone in the netherworld of the Force”, Luke muttered and threw the small piece onto the table.

“Perhaps not like you call someone by using the HoloNet, but don’t you think that there’s another way?” Ben said. For a moment, Luke felt like screaming at his son, before he realised that he was only trying to help. He needed him, and he needed his son to get through it, once and for all.

“I do not know, son”, he said after a while.

“When you told me about the ancient history you found in one of the holocrons, you said that once they were writing on pieces of wood by using small burners”, Ben said. “I believe that if you sat down and wrote everything down on a piece, mom would show herself to you.”


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