One-Shot/Drabble: A Simpler Adventure


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Edmund groaned and backed away from the sack he had been using for boxing. He really didn’t know why he had signed up for boxing this term; he wasn’t a fan of the sport, he really hadn’t bothered that there was a boxing-team at school before this term.

Now his trainer, Mr Scott, was heading his way. It was the fifth time during this practice-session only!

“Pevensie, are you an elf?” Scott roared. Edmund blinked, trying to understand what this sarcastic comment meant.

“No, sir”, he answered after a while.

“It looks like you are”, Scott continued, his voice roaring across the room despite the fact that he was standing only five meters away from Edmund. “Are you trying to wrap that sack in paper and bring it to Santa so that he can go away in his magical sleigh and give it to some poor, poor child?”

Edmund almost bit back that Mr Scott should not make fun of Santa; he had after all met the old man when back in Narnia. Just in time he realized what a jerk he would look like if he said those words. So instead he remained silent, his ears flashing red.

“Now go and handle the weights, let someone who knows how to kill handle the sack”, Scott continued, pointing towards the corner where the team kept their weights. Yet again Edmund almost said that he had killed people and he was proud of it, but then who would believe him? And even more, who would believe him if he said that only some of those people had been human…

Muttering some foul words he headed over to the weights, lifted them one by one, not sure which one to use.

“Here, why don’t you use this?”



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