Cold Heart ch.34: Frost in the Morning

hpouat2 coldheart

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With all the commotion happening at David and Mary Margaret’s place it really was not too hard for Henry to sneak out again. This time, however, his goal was not Granny’s or Gold’s pawnshop. No, his goal lay further down the street; a large white house, number 108. The house he had grown up in. Regina’s house. His house.

He hesitated when he reached the door. Maybe she was asleep? Maybe he should wait until tomorrow? Then he saw movement behind a curtain on the upper floor. His hand immediately reached out and grabbed the black knocker. He knocked three times, then waited. When nothing happened for at least a minute he knocked three times again. The light went on in the hallway inside. He knew that it could be lit from above the stairs, but the fact that she lit it up meant that she was going down. She did not like walking the stairs in darkness.

“I know you’re in there!” he called when nothing happened for far longer than it would take someone to descend the stairs. He knocked three times again, harder this time. There was movement behind the frosted glass on the side of the door. His mother was definitely on the other side of the door, contemplating whether to open or not. Well, then it was up to him to convince her.

“You can give up on yourself”, he called, “but I’m not going to give up on you! And I’m not going to go away just because you told me to!”


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