Cold Heart ch.33: Snowflakes in the Wind

hpouat2 coldheart

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Elsa’s head shot up at the sound of the tune coming from somewhere close by. It was very familiar; she had heard it all through her life, mainly sung through her closed door.

“Anna?” she called.

“Sorry”, a voice that definitely did not belong to her sister replied, “no. I’m Rachel.”

Rachel. The woman Elsa had feared she might have buried beneath the falling ice blocks. At least she seemed to have managed not to do that, but she had managed to capture both herself and Emma in this ice cave and now Emma was freezing to death.

“Is everything alright with you two?” Rachel called from wherever she was.

“Emma’s unconscious”, Elsa called back. “She’s freezing to death!”

“Any way you can melt the ice for us and get her out?” Rachel asked.

“No”, Elsa replied, “haven’t you heard me and Emma discussing this? I have no control of it.”

“I just woke up”, Rachel replied. “Hit my head on something when running through the tunnel and it knocked me out for a while, it seems. The only reason I’m not in the same state as Emma is that I was dressed for it.”

Elsa frowned.

“Dressed for it? You knew this would happen and you did not warn them?”



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