Fantasy Friday #5: Non-Romance



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The second topic of today and the one that should have been today is Non-Romance. So fantasy novels that don’t include romance or at least don’t focus on that. Which is definitely hard to find nowadays because of that it’s become a very popular element, which means we’ll probably have some classics listed below 😉 Check it out!

3: The Faerie Wars (Faerie Wars Chronicles #1)

I believe there is romance later on in this series but in this first book it’s not present. Instead the focus lies on a human working with an exiled faerie prince to save his kingdom. A very fun story that’s highly suitable to read both as an adult and as a kid.

2: The Lord of the Rings

Yes, there are romantic pairings in this but they are definitely not the main focus of the story – and if you haven’t actually read the book I should point out that the Aragorn/Arwen, Aragorn/Éowyn or Faramir/Éowyn pairings get a whole lot less space here than they do in the movies. Tolkien focused on writing an epic, classic adventure with just a sprinkle of romance and that non-focus on romance gives this brilliant piece a place on this list.

3: The Chronicles of Narnia

Once again; yes, there are romantic pairings present in some of the books, but it’s far from the main focus of this 7 book masterpiece. It’s a story of hope and heroism, of family and friendship, and even after all these years it is still my favorite story. Romance isn’t necessary to build this world – there are other important things to focus on as well.


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