Fantasy Friday #4: Male Hero


Yes, I missed this last week because of the Easter break. So you’ll have two Fantasy Friday posts this week – the first one listing my favorite male heroes!

To find out what Fantasy Friday is, click here!

Today’s theme is Male Heroes. First of all I’ve recently discovered that I have, as of late, had trouble finding good fantasy books with male heroes having POVs, let alone being the main characters. So when I went through the books I’ve read trying to decide which heroes to pick I more times than not picked men who weren’t the main character, but still played an important (heroic) part. You decide for yourself how you see the ones listed below!

3: Richard Cypher/Rahl (Sword of Truth)

It’s been a while since I read this series, actually, but I still think of Richard as an amazing hero figure – perhaps even a hero stereotype. I did imagine him slightly different than how he is portrayed in the Legend of the Seeker TV-series but never mind; he is a hero with a clouded past and a great destiny. Classic, right?

2: Chaol Westfall (Throne of Glass)

One of the more recent heroes I’ve discovered. For half of the first book I wasn’t sure what to think of him but then I started to really care for him and by the end of the third book I was crazy about this guy. And considering what’s happening to other people in this series I do fear that something terrible will happen to him in the fourth (yet unpublished) book. Isn’t that a great feeling? But yeah; Chaol evolves from this captain of the guard who’s loyal to the King (and Prince Dorian) and does not really question his decisions to a man breaking free to follow his own head and heart. And there’s that troubled past thing again.

1: Nevyn/Prince Galrion (Deverry)

One of the things you might not know about me is that I’m always drawn to these old wizard characters when reading books and Nevyn is no exception. From the first page in this series he was the guy I loved reading about – and then when his past became so much more intricate and interesting you just couldn’t let go of him. He’s not a hero with a sword or an army (well, sometimes an army) but with a sharp mind and a kind heart. He’s been through a lot of difficult events in his unnaturally long life yet he still manages to pull through and carry on. A true hero in my mind!


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