Started: April 2, 2015
April 8, 2015

Language: English
Rating: 3/5

Probably close to 3.5 but not high enough for me to round it up to a 4

Yeah, not a favorite of mine. It was good; I love the writing style and the majority of the characters, but I did not like the main character Cath. Why? Because I thought she was an idiot when it came to fanfic writing. I started writing fanfics when I was 10 (Harry Potter-fics) and I am obsessed with them, probably as obsessed as Cath is with her fanfics, but I’ve never ones believed that I can write a fanfic and hand it in as a creative writing project in school and expect a good grade for it.
Also; how can someone categorize someone as “not a real nerd” if you don’t read books? Neither of my sisters have ever read as much as I do (really, they might read 1 book in the same time that I read 10) but they’re still very much to be categorized as nerds within their respective fandoms. Not categorizing someone as a nerd because they don’t read is just… rude and disrespectful.

Basically the story is a good story but I just did not like the main character all that much. Even though she, in many ways, was the more mature of the twins she was not mature enough for me. I did start to like the story again close to the end, but no; this did not turn out to be as much of a favorite of mine as I’d hoped.


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