Cold Heart ch.32: The Cold’s Never Bothered Me

hpouat2 coldheart

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Most of the fairytale characters they had met so far did have some sort of resemblance to the characters described in various storybooks. They might not be an exact likeness, but they were at least alike. However, Bo Peep the Butcher seemed to be nothing like Bo Peep the Shepherdess. This woman looked more like a villain from an old Western movie and now she straightened up slightly and wiped her cleaver on her bloody apron once again.

“Right”, she said, then held the cleaver up to her face as if to inspect it, “I just have one.”

A grim smile spread across her face and David took a step back from the table as she raised her weapon.

“Say hello!” she triumphantly cried and moved to hurl the cleaver at him.


Indira blinked and looked at her own, still lowered wand, then at Josh standing to her left. His wand was raised and the red-coloured spell that had sent the cleaver flying from Bo Peep’s hand had originated from it. He seemed just as surprised as she was. David, however, did not miss a beat and jumped across the table, kicking the lamb chops aside as he did and stepping on the dropped cleaver as he landed, before Bo Peep was able to pick it up again.


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