Cold Heart ch.31: Roasted Meat

hpouat2 coldheart

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Emma blinked up at the icy ceiling in the cave they had managed to flee into. The force of the crashing boulders had sent her stumbling and falling straight into it and she had no idea for how long she had been out. Could be less than a minute, could be an hour. Well, maybe not an hour; considering the temperature in here she would have been turned into a popsicle by then.

With a groan she rolled over and got up on her feet. Elsa stood a few meters away, looking around the cave with her big, blue eyes. A quick glance around made Emma realize that Rachel was nowhere to be found. Had she gotten out the other way? She must have; she could not be buried beneath those boulders. She could not.

“I got to give it to you; you put on quite a show”, Emma remarked, drawing Elsa’s attention. The blonde turned towards her and the surprise she seemed to have previously shown melted away. It was replaced by a cold, regal gaze as the blonde in the blue dress placed her hands on her hips.

“Want to tell me what this is all about?” Emma asked. Keep her talking, she thought. Keep her talking.

“No”, Elsa simply answered, “but you should know that I am very powerful. You and your people need to be more careful; keep your distance.”


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