Cold Heart ch.30: Cold Minds

hpouat2 coldheart

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The lock was busted. In the thirty-something years that Gold’s pawnshop had been active in Storybrooke – mainly during the first Dark Curse – very few had dared break in to his shop. The times that it had happened he had been prepared for it; this time he was not.

“Someone’s been here”, he remarked to Belle as they stepped inside the dark room, the bell above the door chiming as they entered. His wife flicked the light switch, most likely due to old habit; they had seen how dark the town looked as they drove back through it from their secluded honeymoon mansion and figured that there was a blackout.

“Yes”, Belle suddenly said, causing Gold to blink and abandon his inspection of the busted door. The brunette smiled and squeezed his shoulder, before nodding in the direction of the shop’s main counter. There, on an old stool, sat Henry Mills.

“I think someone would like your attention”, Belle continued. “I’ll head up to the apartment, let you two talk alone.”

She smiled again, before walking in the direction of the backroom and the stairs to their home. Well, one of them, seeing he did own a mansion as well; smaller than the one they had just visited, but still a mansion. Henry rose from the stool, his hands stuffed in his pockets. In that moment he looked a lot like his late father and Gold’s son, Baelfire.

“Hey Henry”, he said, closing the busted door and walking into the shop, only illuminated by the faint moonlight coming in through the windows, “I assume there’s a reason you’re camping inside my shop.”


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