Cold Heart ch.29: A Ring of Ice

hpouat2 coldheart

Read newest chapter here: Chapter 29
Read from the beginning here: Prologue


“Well”, Wolfgang said while studying the high wall in front of them, “that’s unexpected.”

“You could say that”, Killian replied. “Seems like someone’s keen on keeping people in town.”

“It’s not like you were very keen on leaving it in the first place”, Wolfgang pointed out. “Although now it might be… even more difficult than before.”

“Can’t we just… blast through it?” Nathan suggested. Wolfgang and Killian shared a quick glance before turning back towards the wall.

“We might be”, Wolfgang eventually replied, “but I’m not sure. We’ve never encountered someone capable of doing this before. I’m not even sure Ollivander has and if he hasn’t then I’m not sure if our magic can match it.”

“Wonderful”, Killian grumbled.

“Those capable of apparition should be able to do it though, shouldn’t they?” Brandon suggested while putting his phone back in his pocket. “If needed be they can get outside, but…”

     “But for the moment we should probably stick around and see what’s causing it”, Wolfgang filled in. “Any news from HQ?”


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