Cold Heart ch.28: Ice

hpouat2 coldheart

Read newest chapter here: Chapter 28
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The next minute was filled with shouts of surprise, thudding steps and pushing bodies as people tried to understand what had happened. Because for some odd reason even people from the Enchanted Forest, used to sleeping out in the wild around a single campfire, seemed to go crazy when a blackout occurred.

“Everyone!” David bellowed. “Everyone, please, stay calm! Stay where you are!”

Slowly, agonizingly slowly things calmed and David drew a deep breath before he continued.

“It seems that we’re experiencing a blackout”, he said. “It’s nothing dangerous, as you’re all well aware.”

He shot a pointed look through the dark room to where some of the dwarves had been standing, particularly since he knew Leroy to be one person that could suddenly cause chaos.

Lumos”, he then heard someone mutter, then another and another, until fifteen wands  were illuminating the room with magic light.

     “Thank you”, he said, nodding at them while fighting to keep from looking in Rachel’s direction. The look on her face when she had seen that man in the green vest was not one he had enjoyed seeing and he feared that if he looked specifically in that direction now he would be unable to stop himself from going over there and demanding an explanation as to who the man was.


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