Cold Heart ch.26: Clean Slate of Ice

hpouat2 coldheart


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“We’ll go there on Friday.”

The ones ranked as Masters had closed themselves in a room while discussing when they would leave for Storybrooke. This was their decision; Friday. One week away.

“That’ll give us this weekend to help you train”, Toby continued, “and prepare you for what might happen.”

“So you’ve already made the decision that we’re supposed to stay behind?” Serena said, leaning back on her chair.

“There’s no decision to make; you cannot just disappear”, Ella replied. “We’ve got the ability to do that thanks to the whole time travelling business but you…”

“Yes, you said that during the first meeting”, Jenna interrupted.

“We’ll keep in touch with you”, Arianne remarked. “Phone, e-mail, we might even be able to arrange a meeting outside the town border, seeing that we can leave. So it’s not like we’ll disappear.”

“And we’ll expect you all to keep practicing”, Wolfgang filled in. “Godric and Ollivander will remain here; they’re not well enough to travel, whatever they might say, so you can use this apartment as you wish.”

“And what if some of us wanted to come with you?”



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