Top 5 Wednesday – Favorite Jokester Characters

First off; it’s actually Monday today. So I’m writing to you from the past *oooh*. Alright, seriously; reason I wrote this thing two days early and then set it to be posted automatically on Wednesday is that I’m going to be pretty busy from Wednesday and onwards this week; on the special day (i.e. today, from your POV) I have a lecture and then my first meeting with my thesis supervisor, and then I have to start packing and cleaning the apartment because on Thursday (tomorrow) I’m leaving for Easter break with my family picking me up and then Friday-Monday will be Easter celebrations at various people’s places. So rather than being almost a week late with this thing I decided to schedule the post.

As usual; to see my Top 5 list for this week, please click the Read More button below 🙂 Enjoy!

Alright, so this was – by far – the most difficult category for me as of yet because I have a very hard time defining someone as a “jokester”. The definition that pops into my head is basically just someone who keeps pranking people and those characters are few in the books I’ve read. So yeah, we’ll see how it goes.

5: Mulch Diggums (Artemis Fowl)

There are several characters in the Artemis Fowl books that always put a smile on my face, but the dwarf Mulch Diggums is definitely my favorite source of laughter. He’s probably more comical than a jokester in many people’s minds but I’m still going to list him here because of the joy he brings whenever he’s on the page and just happens to nick some little knickknack before using his mouth to dig a tunnel and escape. Brilliant!

4: Ebañy Salomanderiel tranDevaberiel (Deverry)

So for those of you who don’t know this character or series, Ebañy Salomanderiel tranDevaberiel – shortly known as either Evan or Salamander – is a half-elf who makes a living by travelling and telling stories. He’s probably not the typical jokester, but he does have some brilliant one-liners (really; he talks all the time) and he’s funny as hell, to tell you the truth. Much like in the case of Mulch Diggums this character always puts a smile on my face and has a special place in my heart. He’s my beloved chattering elf 🙂

3: Peeves (Harry Potter)

If you don’t know who this is because you haven’t read the books then GO TO YOUR ROOM AND RETHINK YOUR LIFE! Poltergeist with a habit of screwing with students and professors alike at Hogwarts, Peeves is sorely missed from the movies by a majority of the fans. Because who could forget when he was wreaking havoc on Umbridge’s rule in Order of the Phoenix and even Professor McGonagall told him that the chandelier he was trying to drop “unscrewed the other way”? Brilliant character! A bit masochistic and scary at times but still hilarious.

2: Robin “Puck” Goodfellow (Iron Fey)

Yes, Puck. He could not be left out from this, even though I’m currently (while reading the third book) a bit scared of him because he’s suffering from a broken heart and that doesn’t suit him at all. He was absolutely brilliant in the first book when *ahem* turning the nose of a high school girl into a pig snout because she was being rude. Other instances, of course, occurred as well, but that’s the one I remember the most.

1: Fred & George Weasley (Harry Potter)

OF COURSE I HAVE TO INCLUDE THESE GUYS AND OF COURSE THEY END UP AT THE TOP OF THE LIST! Literally; as soon as they appear on the page in one of these fabulous books you just know something’s about to happen. Could be enchanted snowballs bouncing off the back of Quirrel’s head (*ahem* Voldemort’s face), fireworks exploding all over the place, or, you know, just a bunch of hilarious one-liners. Why, oh why, did this duo have to be split up?!

Hope you liked my Top 5!
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