Fantasy Friday #3: Spells/Rituals



To find out what Fantasy Friday is, click here! 🙂

So today’s second post is on the theme Spells/Rituals, which can be interpreted in various different ways. This week I’m gonna list Spells/Rituals that I find useful.

Third Place: Spirit Dreams (Vampire Academy/Bloodlines)

When Mr Adrian Ivashkov was introduced the only thing I really, really loved about him was his ability to walk into someone’s dream and talk to them (eventually I grew to love the character 100%, but in the beginning it was just the dream walking). It’s a brilliant piece of spirit magic, apart from the fact that the spirit user has to use a lot of magic to make it work, but anyway; brilliant. Imagine trying to come up with a cunning plan or even just a birthday surprise but you’re unable to evade that one person who cannot find out about it and *bam* spirit dream hangout!

Second Place: Accio (Harry Potter)

Alright, I admit; I’m seriously lazy when it comes to fetching things. If I’m gonna work on something I need to make sure that everything I might need for this project is present on the desk before I can start or I’ll get extremely annoyed if I find that I need to get up and get something else. So a spell that can summon things for you, even from quite a distance? Yes please!

First Place: Scrying (Deverry)

A bit like the spirit dreams but this allows you to spy on people as well as communicate with those who also have powers. Not sure if I’d come to misuse this particular spell for fun, but I think most of the time I’d use it to make sure that my family’s alright. Living away from them is a bit hard for me and I do have to tell myself that I don’t need to call and check on them every day of the week. Scrying would definitely help keep my phone bill down 😉


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