Fantasy Friday #2: Ghosts/Spirits


Since I didn’t have time to do a Fantasy Friday last week I’m gonna do two this week. If you don’t know what Fantasy Friday is you can read all about it on this page! 🙂

So, today’s topic is Ghosts/Spirits, so either characters that are ghosts or spirits or books that feature this as a subject. For this week I’ve chosen to feature the books or series, not individual characters, but if I get this topic again at some point I’ll try to do the opposite.

Third Place: The Harry Potter Series

You just can’t help but love the ghosts featured in the Harry Potter-books, from Nearly Headless Nick to Moaning Myrtle. They all have their own unique personality and story and, as a Ravenclaw, I was thrilled when we finally found out the story of the Grey Lady in the final book of the series. I also enjoyed the talk that Harry had with Nearly Headless Nick in Order of the Phoenix, after Sirius’ death, regarding why some people became ghosts and others just moved on. Considering how the ghosts are portrayed in the series I can understand why Harry would kind of want Sirius to come back as a ghosts, because then he could still talk to him.

Second Place: Twenties Girl

My sister is a huge fan of Sophie Kinsella, but this book was not a favorite of hers – most likely due to the supernatural element. I, however, loved it! Imagine your great-aunt coming back as a spirit when you inherit something of hers and then, continuously, messing with your every day life. For a good cause in the end, mind, but you certainly could not guess that while it was happening. A must-read books for people who like a good laugh and don’t mind a supernatural touch – and I’d say an interest in the 1920s is a plus 😉

First Place: The Mediator Series

I started reading these books when I was in my teens and found them absolutely incredible – but then I stopped reading them after the 4th book because the book club I had ordered them from was cancelled and I never took the time to go out and try to find them in some store. But lo’ and behold; last Christmas I decided to pick it up again and even now, being almost 24 years old, I love this story. Suze is an incredible character (a lot different from myself but still incredible) who has to deal with some non-conventional shit because of her Mediator status while also trying to be the normal teenager and, honestly, who doesn’t want to read about a handsome Latino-looking ghost from the 1800s who happens to haunt your bedroom? Yum!

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