Top 5 Wednesday – Worst Series Enders

Wow, it’s been about a week since my last post. Sorry about that – busy weekend with two interviews and parents who alternated being sick with high fever, so I’ve been playing nurse and taking care of them while also hoping that I won’t catch whatever they caught since I have to papers due on Friday and then I have to start working on my final thesis thingy. So yeah, haven’t had time to read much, but anyway; here’s this weeks’ Top 5 list, which will give you my Top 5 Worst Series Enders. Click the Read More link to see what I’ve written 🙂

OK, so I’m actually not sure about the order here so I’m just going to list 5 series enders that I think should be on this list in no particular order.

The Sapphire Rose (Eddings, David)

This was one of those series that started out great and then it gradually got more and more boring and you – as a reader – keep your fingers crossed that maybe the author has some trick up his sleeve that will make it worthwhile, but that never happens. The Sapphire Rose – the final book in The Elenium Trilogy – was far too predictable and all in all a very boring read, which caused me to not read the sequel trilogy (The Tamuli Trilogy).

Mockingjay (Collins, Suzanne)

I’ve found that the whole Hunger Games series works a whole lot better as movies than as books – which is unusual – and the final installment is no exception. The book did not make me feel engaged in the characters’ dilemmas at all, while the movie does exactly that. So bad book series ender, but not a bad movie series ender (keeping my fingers crossed here since the absolute final film is not out yet, but you know what I mean).

Breaking Dawn (Meyer, Stephenie)

I actually liked the way Eclipse, the third book in the Twilight series, was written and it made me very, very hopeful for the final book. And I was thoroughly disappointed. Jacob’s chapters were the only uplifting thing about it because Jacob is a far more interesting character than Bella, but Bella’s two sections were downright boring. The climax was nothing but “meh”.

Allegiant (Roth, Veronica)

As written in my review for this book; I liked the dual perspectives. So that’s not why I’ve listed it as a terrible series ender. And it’s not because of the thing (if you’ve read the book you know what I mean here) but because of that the storyline felt downright flat; I didn’t like the new environment and the lesser action at all. Where Tris had felt like an amazing character before she suddenly became this shadow of a creature in this new place (Tobias was still a good character, though). It’s a good book and one that you have to read, but compared to its two predecessors… nope, not quite as good.

The Dragon Revenant (Kerr, Katharine)

OK, so just as with Allegiant this is not a bad book. It’s got a lot of mystery and magic and action. But compared to the book coming right before it, The Bristling Wood, this final book in the initial quartet of Deverry-books is sooooo sloooooow. It took me forever to get through. And, unfortunately, this slower development continues in the follow-up quartet of books, so the intensity in the first books of this series does not return until much, much later in the overall stories of Deverry. So that’s why this one’s on the list today.

Hope you liked my Top 5!
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