Top 5 Wednesday – Bookish Habits

Yes, I know, I’m a day late; I was too busy yesterday to post anything and today I’ve been heading to my parents’, so I’ve been packing and cleaning my apartment and then been on a train for the majority of the afternoon. But here’s this week’s Top 5 Wednesday post with the theme Bookish Habits.

Now, I’ve never really thought about what habits I have when it comes to books, so this is going to be quite a revelation for me as well, I think. Click the read more button to find out exactly what!

In 5th place: I create fanfics for almost all the books that I read while reading them, meaning I sometimes stray from the original story or have to put the book down and spin my own story in my head for a while before I can continue to read. This is a general rule for me but I can’t to it with books in Swedish, even though this is my native language, weirdly enough.

In 4th place: When I get a new book I flip through it and smell the “new book smell” that oozes from it, especially if it’s a book I’ve been waiting for a long time.

In 3rd place: I buy almost all of my books online because of that I find the availability of books I’m interested in to be very sparse in the regular stores, but still have to venture into these stores whenever I pass them. And my friends are well aware of this and no longer ask if I want to do it X)

In 2nd place: I place out books in various places around my apartment so that I’ll be able to pick them up if I sit in certain places – and I know exactly what books I can read in which places or not. For example I can’t read books like Fifty Shades by the bed, but they work fine by the couch, and since my kitchen’s quite small I can’t have big hardcover books lying around there so there you’ll find thinner pocket-books that I can read while eating breakfast/lunch/dinner.

In 1st place: Whenever I go somewhere new I always scout out the best place to read, regardless if this is a hotel, a uni campus, an apartment I’m interested in or a friend’s apartment. I might not always get to sit in those places, but I know exactly where they are and might sometimes mention, in passing, to people that “that place is a good place to read in” 😉

Hope you liked my Top 5!
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