Envy (Luxe #3)


Started: March 9, 2015
Finished: March 19, 2015

Language: Swedish
Rating: 4/5 stars

Finished this on the train home earlier today and couldn’t write a full review because bad reception. So here it is:
I give this book somewhere around 3.75, actually, but rounded up that makes 4 stars. I liked Rumors better, but this was also a good book and better than the first in the series. I’m starting to like Elizabeth more, Carolina less and Diana is my constant favorite 😉 I kept going back and forth between liking and disliking Henry because of his actions in this book and was overjoyed with the fact that it has more Teddy and Grayson – I really would love to see them have POVs as well. It’s a bit sad that Henry’s the only guy who gets a POV 😛
Looking forward to reading the final book in the series in a short while!

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