Fantasy Friday #1: The “normal” character


Welcome to the first Fantasy Friday post! You can read more about this meme on this page, so I won’t bother explaining it all again and repeating myself.

This week’s topic is The “normal” character – a character who hasn’t got any superpowers, great destiny or magical bloodline. This doesn’t mean that they can’t be important to the story (quite the opposite) but they stand out from the rest of the group. I’ve personally found that characters like these are more common in modern fantasy stories, but feel free to disagree and point out the opposite for me!

Third Place: Mary Malone (His Dark Materials)

When I read this series I loved reading about Mary Malone – partially because she was an adult (and the main characters were a lot younger than I were at the time) but also because of that she was normal. She was a physicist who worked with computers when trying to detect Dust and she did feel like a breath of fresh air to the story. True, she ended up being able to see her own daemon in the end, but she still felt like someone who was “normal” to me.

Second Place: Dudley Dursley (Harry Potter)

Definitely not someone who can be seen as a favorite character, but he is – as his parents would have put it – normal. And even though he’s involved fairly little in the story he does go through some tremendous changes in who he is, starting with the dementor attack in Order of the Phoenix. I love the theory someone posted on Tumblr that his children might’ve ended up with magical powers, but I like the idea of him becoming a decent human being without having magical children even more.

First Place: Simon Lewis (TMI: City of Bones)

One of the few instances where I have to limit myself to a book instead of talking of a character as he/she appears throughout the whole series – in this case it’s due to Simon’s transformation in the second book. In the first book, City of Bones, he’s the regular guy in a company of superhumans and he is incredibly relatable. Some might find him annoying because several things he say, but I think that’s because of that he is the oddity of the group. He’s a geek, a musician, has a crush on his childhood friend and makes jokes that none of the Shadowhunters get because they’re about mundane things. In short, he is incredibly “normal” and likes it that way.


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