Cold Heart ch.25: What’s Hidden in the Snow

hpouat2 coldheart

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While apprentice after apprentice showed up at the apartment the old gang frenetically tried to discuss and decide what to do, much to the surprise (and confusion) of their new friends. Considering that this discussion had begun long before any of them arrived and no one really managed to summarize the entire thing whenever someone new showed up the apprentices soon decided that the best thing to do was to just sit back and let their masters talk things through. Of course they all noticed the key thing; Rachel, the Defence Against the Dark Arts master, had left them during the night. Most apprentices also guessed that she was in Storybrooke – the mythical town somewhere in Maine that their masters kept referring to as the place they needed to return to. They did not, however, understand why there was such a big discussion about it; Rachel did not have an apprentice and was therefore not mightily involved in the training. She had promised to teach those who had a slight affinity for her subject some protective spells, of course, but those could wait while they tried to perform in their main subjects. And she had been involved in the sword training, for those who were interested in that, but there were many others who could train them in that subject.

      So in short; Rachel leaving the gang to go to this place where she apparently had a brother should not cause such a stir. Yet it did.


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