Cold Heart ch.24: Silent Night

hpouat2 coldheart

Read newest chapter here: Chapter 24
Read from the beginning here: Prologue


Rachel did not know if she should call it morning or night when she drove past the sign that marked the town perimeter. Welcome to Storybrooke, that was what it had said, and for some reason she felt like she had come home. Strange what a year like this could do to you; suddenly a cursed town inhabited by fairytale characters and evil witches felt more like a home than the apartment she had left in Sweden. Now she planned to stick around here for a while. Maybe once the current problem was solved she could start working at the school; she knew Mary Margaret had done that before but since their return here she had been, well, a little bit busy with being pregnant and giving birth.

The forest cleared away and she drove along the deserted Main Street, past the clock tower. The clock face that Regina had been thrown through during her stand against Zelena was covered in tarpaulin; apparently no one had managed to repair it yet.

     She steered the car into an empty space outside Granny’s Bed and Breakfast, spotting David’s familiar truck across the road by the diner.


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