Cold Heart ch.23: Northbound

hpouat2 coldheart

Read newest chapter here: Chapter 23
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“How did you get these?”

Rachel tensed as Sam gently touched her hip, careful not to press down on the large bruises located there. She had hoped he would not notice, or at least not ask questions about it. But the marks running from her mid-thigh up to her lower back were hard not to notice, especially since they were present on both her left and right hip. The effects of the faulty Patronus Charm.

She had stayed down the whole previous weekend, too stiff to walk. Ollivander had said that the charm was currently using too much of her own strength and such spells would leave marks. There were instances where such spells had caused bones to snap or internal organs to break down, so in a way she was lucky that she was only experiencing the deep blue, nearly black, bruises.



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