Cold Heart ch.22: A Cold Decision

hpouat2 coldheart

Read newest chapter here: Chapter 22
Read from the beginning here: Prologue


Regina Mills was fidgeting.

Yes, fidgeting. She never fidgeted, yet here she was, doing exactly that. Sure, it was within the safety of her office, where she did not have to put up a brave face, but still… she had never fidgeted. And she cried. Or at least she had been, until she seemed to have run out of tears. Now it just hurt, a lot. She wanted to rip her heart out again, lessen the pain, but she knew that would not help. Not when her feelings made her whole being feel like this.

     She closed her eyes and fisted both of her hands in her lap, trying to focus again. The group of fifteen sorcerers had never returned from their trip to the past. Their things were gone from Granny’s and every other place where they had left them. And things, other things, were happening.


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