Cold Heart ch.21: Starry Night

hpouat2 coldheart

Read newest chapter here: Chapter 21
Read from the beginning here: Prologue


No one said a word as the brunette rose and walked over to the coat rack, where she picked up a leather shoulder-bag. From it she then pulled out a large, thick and square object wrapped in white sheets. She walked back to her chair, seated herself and carefully pulled the sheets away.

“It’s… a book?” June said in surprise.

“Yes”, the brunette replied, “but it’s… not supposed to be here.”

She opened it, revealing worn and crackled pages stained with ink. It looked ancient.

“It’s a history codex”, she revealed, “from a place called the Southern Isles. There are notes in it about… real-life fairytales.”

“The Southern Isles?” Chris said, frowning slightly as he exited the elevator together with Rowan. They had remained downstairs to cast protective charms over the entrance and discreetly get rid of their hotel clerk costumes.

“Why does that sound familiar?”



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