Fifty Shades of Grey (Fifty Shades #1)


Started: February 13, 2015
Finished: February 27, 2015

Language: Swedish
Rating: 3/5 stars

OK, so this will actually be quite a long review – compared to my previous ones – because I feel like I have to explain myself (to myself) since this was a book I was 158% sure I wasn’t going to enjoy reading but actually did. And because of that I’ll be talking about various spoiler-y things I’ve hidden the rest of it, so please; only click if you’ve read the book!

Alright, 50 Shades. A re-written Twilight-fanfic and as the various status-updates on Goodreads regarding this has pointed out I’ve often noted the similarities between the characters. At least basic; looks and some key personality things. But that’s it. As with many Twilight-fanfics I actually found this to be far more enjoyable than the actual original; the language is better, the characters are far more complex etc. I liked Christian a hell of a lot more than I liked Edward and I liked Ana a hell of a lot more than Bella.
I’m not a fan of BDSM and I continuously regretted the fact that I’d bought a translated version of the story because the translation was terrible. And, of course, like Twilight it’s a story of obsession – mainly from Christian’s perspective. I mean, come on; he’s a bloody stalker! Sure, he doesn’t climb in through Ana’s bedroom window, but he is still creepy. However he seems to come from a very troubled background; he is a damaged character, unlike Edward who’s just “I-am-a-vampire-I-am-a-monster”. And even though I doubt anyone could proclaim their undying love to someone within a few weeks Ana is a hell of a lot more mature than Bella ever was. Hell, she’s the one who walks out on Christian and says no to him and continuously defies him, while Bella’s as obsessed with Edward as he is with her.
OK, that’s hardly coherent but maybe you get the idea; I wasn’t a fan of all the BDSM situations and the majority of their physical relationship, but the rest of the stuff is pretty good and is the reason why I will not give up on this series.

I will read the two following books. Most definitely. And I find that I’m actually excited about it. Damn, this was not what I was expecting when I started this!


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