Book Report: January 2015

So this is a post that I hope will be something I can do regularly, at the beginning of each new month. It’s inspired by the amazing Swedish book blogger C.R.M Nilsson (if you can read stuff in Swedish and like books, go check out her blog right now because it’s amazing), who has been doing these sort of monthly reports for quite a few years now. I don’t read nearly as much as her, but I’ll try to do something like this anyway.


Number of books read: 7

Shades of Milk & Honey
Throne of Glass
Crown of Midnight
Heir of Fire

Number of pages: 2831
Average rating:

Written by men: 0
Written by women: 7
Written by American writers: 6
Written by Swedish writers: 1

Book of the Month: Crown of Midnight
Worst of the Month: Fury
Surprise of the Month:
Disappointment of the Month: Lejontämjaren

Currently reading: City of Lost Souls (Clare, Cassandra)
Will read: See this link


  • Book of the Month: I loved all of the books in the “Throne of Glass” series, but Crown Of Midnight was without a doubt the most intense one of the three published ones. It held so many twists and turns, happiness and grief, that I thought I’d go mad while reading it.
  • Worst of the Month: Fury was a book that I had planned on reading for quite some time. It looked interesting, the plot sounded interesting, and then when I started reading it I found that the characters were not interesting to me at all, which also made the storyline fall flat. The only interesting characters were the villains and they were probably the only reason why I didn’t lower my rating below 3/5.
  • Surprise of the Month: After reading the first book in “The Luxe” series and being mildly entertained by it I expected to feel the same with this one. However that was not the case; this story was far better than its predecessor and I was genuinely disappointed when I finished it so quickly.
  • Disappointment of the Month: I always have high expectations of Läckberg’s books and usually I have no idea who the bad guy might be until the very end of the book. Now, however, the clues were quite obvious and I figured it out half-way. Which made for a less entertaining read.

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